Roof Terrace in Winter

There are some who still call me David.

I was born in central Scotland in 19 (cough)4 and in that order.

Art, music and writing are my enduring habits. Art in particular was the subject I did reasonably well in at school: that and truancy. It wasn’t until later while studying for a couple of degrees as a mature student that I discovered I was also reasonably competent in other disciplines. One more degree and I would’ve been a 70’s pop trio.

I’ve held a number of one man art exhibitions – I believe he enjoyed them – and had my work published in newspapers, magazines and – of all places – a Russian college text book along with an essay I wrote about colour blindness.

I’ve also had an ebook/paperback published titled Unlocking Carol’s Smile, which a reader astutely described as ‘faction’ rather than fiction. Drawn from over five years working in the field the main theme of the book deals with a social condition, as one reviewer noted, ‘we’d rather avoid’ talking about.

The blog consists of childhood, adolescent and adult recollections etc.

Thank you for visiting my site.


13 responses to “About

  1. Thank you for sharing David , you seem to have had a full life or at least lived with intent to have.

    I will come back and seek to understand your focus better, in taking time to understand others we can understand ourselves better too.

    Blessings – Anne.


    • Thank you for your kind words. My focus on the blog is on my childhood memories though I dare say that as these become exhausted memories of my adolescence will appear and subsequently my adulthood. By then the focus will be on how my faith and creative, intuitive psyche co-exist. I have shared the story from your site about the man by the hospital window. Very moving and a great testimony to one man’s compassion for others.

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  2. I too have shared a lot about my Life on my Blog David but also I share my faith and God’s Truth to uplift and encourage others and yes to correct them if needed too, there is so much wrong teaching being taught and shared today, some can be overlooked but others will be harmful in the end.

    Thank you also David for sharing the story of the blind man, I hope whoever reads it will be blessed like I was when I received it by e-mail a few years ago, I don’t always know who the Author is but when what they write touches my heart or challenges me than I also share it both on my Blog and also in e-mails I send my friends and contacts, I add music and pictures when needed too.

    Kind regards – Anne.


    • Thank you for your comment and for sharing the purpose of your blogs. I too have faith in God and share it whenever the opportunity and mood prompts me to. My latest blog – The Book – is one of those opportunities prompted in this instance by a memory. I also share stories such as the blind man, which I find very touching and inspiring. Regards David


  3. Hi Dave! It’s Steve from church here. You might recall we were talking today about your artwork and Bob and I had a look on his tablet while we were having lunch. We were blown away by the incredible talent you have for painting. Wow! Some of the portraits are so lifelike I thought they were photos!

    I will also check out your books on Amazon.

    Beautiful stuff. Best wishes, your brother in Christ, Steve


  4. Eileen

    David, It’s Eileen here, I so enjoyed looking at the Robert Mitchum portrait as it brought back memories of having read about his wonderfully dry sense of humour.


    • Thanks for your kind word and sharing your thoughts. He made acting look easy sometimes giving the impression he was about to sleep on the job.


  5. Eileen

    I have left you a message and some photos on the other thing David, but talking of Robert Mitchum, I remember when he was famously reported by the French media I think it was, as having cancer, what had actually happened was that some media people at an awards ceremony were fawning over him and he remarked of his own acting skills
    ‘Well it’s not like I invented a cure for cancer or something’!


    • I recommend Night of the Hunter if you haven’t already seen this film. It’s also the only film Charles Laughton directed and stylishly directed it was too. The film showcases Mitchum’s versatility as an actor.


  6. Eileen

    Thanks for ‘The Night of the Hunter’ recommendation David. There’s a chance that I saw this film a long time ago, but it would mean far more to me now to see it again, apparently there’s a spectacular underwater shot near the end.


  7. Chris McAdam

    Really enjoyed visiting your website uncle David. Enjoyed the Ullapool 18 miles short story and your paintings are good.


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