Carol’s face unlocked

sueThis haunting face with no more tears left to cry belonged to the woman who allowed me into her life. It inspired the cover for my book Unlocking Carol’s Smile. Carol is a fictitious woman. This woman was real.

The photo was originally intended – with her permission – to grace the cover. I took it whilst visiting her during one of her numerous hospitalisations for mineral and vitamin replenishment. With her understanding I opted for another image for the book.

Right from the first day she came to the day – centre I  was intrigued by her tight-lipped smile. I’d be flattering myself if I claimed I was the only one she smiled at though it seemed like I was. I was the team member she gravitated towards whenever she needed help or someone to confide in. A socially chaotic woman she was hopelessly addicted to a lethal cocktail that ravaged her body, mind and ultimately took her life. I was only ever spared glimpses of that life beyond sealed lips.



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2 responses to “Carol’s face unlocked

  1. Her eyes look unbelievably troubled, a brilliant expressive photograph. Love the description of your experiences with her and that attempt to smile.

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