In memory of my niece Samantha

samThe following is a message I wrote to Samantha who at the young age of 39 years mercifully and peacefully fell asleep on Tuesday evening having endured much suffering.

‘I will always treasure and be forever thankful for those two lovely days I spent with you at Cornhill. Among the many things we talked about was one of your ambitions. This was triggered by a hesitancy I was nurturing at the time.
I said that I had been in two minds about going on holiday to a shore-line cottage at Gairloch this summer. Your eyes lit up. With an infectious smile you said that it had been one of your ambitions to go to that beauty spot to do some whale watching. The excited look on your face removed my hesitancy instantly. I slapped my thigh and said: ‘That’s it; I’m going and you’re coming too.’ You were so excited about the prospect that you posted an article about Gairloch cruises on your page that same day (March 7th). Alas, life has intervened and spared you further physical suffering. Be this as it may, this does not change the arrangement. With your spirit now totally free from pain you will be alongside us on that boat as we scan the waters for those mighty, bellowing sea creatures that you longed to see. In the meantime, hen, rest peacefully.

Your loving Uncle David xxx’



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2 responses to “In memory of my niece Samantha

  1. David – this beautiful memory made me weep. Yet, I do believe that she will be there.


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