Once upon an oven baked memory

Bakerme (2)This was me as a lanky 16 year old baker-boy in Oldham, Lancashire, England where I stayed with my aunt and uncle for the summer of 1970. I loved the early start to the job (5am). Mmm, and the aroma of freshly baked bread muffins. I was built for speed and as such used to race the bus to the town centre. I would spot it just about to leave the terminus so I sprinted along Huddersfield Road then up Union Road towards the side street where the baker was situated. I often beat the bus. Great start to the day. At the job interview the manager asked ‘What’s your name, Jock?’ ‘David,’ I replied. ‘Right, Sandy, when can you start?’ Three names in as many breaths:) He called me Sandy thereafter. I can still hear him greet me: ‘Hiya, Sandy, aw’reet?’



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4 responses to “Once upon an oven baked memory

  1. Absolutely love the picture this presents 🙂


  2. Omigosh! I love the story. I could smell the bread. lol


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