“Hymn number one”

Do your remember singing your first hymn? I do and not only because of the hymn itself. It was at a school assembly held in our village church.  The entire primary school attended. I was ten at the time. As we filed through the double doors we were shown to our pews by a member of the teaching staff. Me and my pals were seated at a front pew. The organist played seemingly nondescript music in the background until everyone was seated then it suddenly stopped. The hushed silence that ensued was threatened by one of our group who, with a mischievous grin, leaned to one side but was second guessed by a teacher’s glare. “All rise!” a voice suddenly boomed. Out from the vestry on the left entered a figure dressed in a flowing Geneva gown and wearing a white-collar. Me and my pals looked in awe, elbowing each other and pointing to him as he strode across the floor. It was not the usual minister but a stand in and no ordinary one. He was from Kenya; the first black man I’d seen outside a geography book. He mounted the pulpit then motioned us to sit with both a commanding voice and with his hands. After welcoming us he then announced: “We begin our service by singing hymn number one: Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty.” That was fifty years ago. Today, whenever this hymn is announced at church I am fondly reminded not only that this was the first adult hymn I sang (mumbled) but was also the first time I saw a man from the African continent. I’d be interested to know if you recall the first hymn you ever sang and the origin from whence it sprang.


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  1. bjsscribbles

    Thank you for finding and following my blog I am new to this game, so please be patient with me trying to keep up with everyone.


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