The day I realised that my daughter had outgrown fish fingers

flipsOn the occasional Saturday I’d take my daughter for a drive to Edinburgh. We’d park behind the castle then go for a walk round the shops then eat fish fingers in one of our favourite cafes.

During her younger years the shops that we visited included a large pet shop with rabbits, hamsters, mice, puppies and a variety of birds in residence; a university bookshop where she liked to flick through anatomy books containing stills of partly dissected bodies; a joke shop and Jenners’ toy department. We’d then find a café that served fish fingers. By her mid-teens the nature of the shops and taste in food changed. 
The pet, joke and toy shops gradually became an afterthought subordinated instead to clothes shops like River Island – before it went kitsch –  and Cotton-fields. We now ate in eateries that catered for the more mature palate. My daughter now preferred home-made macaroni and cheese – mmm, I can still taste the rich creamy cheese sauce. However, the shop that appealed to her most was Flips an American themed clothes store formerly situated on South Bridge directly facing Chambers Street. 
Normally I’d hang around waiting while she sampled a particular trend. She never asked my opinion – just tried on the garment, took it off and returned it to the rack – ‘Right dad, let’s go.’ On this particular Saturday she took a pair of shorts and a t-shirt into the changing room. I did the usual.
‘What do you think, dad?’ 
Was she asking my opinion? When I turned to answer I discovered the girl who went into the changing room emerged a young woman.
This was the moment that signalled to me I stop entering her bedroom without knocking and surrender the bathroom to her (which I only re-captured after she married). I also started casting a mofishfngrsre protective eye over her albeit discretely. It was also a day of realisation for ‘Wally’. How it pined for those halcyon Saturdays when all it needed to worry about was the price of fish finger, chips and beans. Ah, stop moaning, Wally, she’s worth infinitely more than you can hold.


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5 responses to “The day I realised that my daughter had outgrown fish fingers

  1. And this girl now still loves rodents, fush fingers and stills of traumatic injuries. Still the same!


  2. David what a great Dad you are, how blessed is your Daughter, I missed out on so much with not having a Daddy in my growing up years, who would take the time to hang outside a woman’s change room and value being asked for an opinion on woman’s fashion, may you have many wonderful Fathers Day’s and not just the commercial type ones.

    Christian Love – Anne

    P.S Thank you David for joining up with us it is appreciated.


    • Thank you for your best wishes. Those father/daughter days occupy a prominent place in my museum of fond recollections for me to visit anytime. Thank you too for joining my site. My God bless you with the choicest of His blessings


  3. Chris McAdam

    Our routine with my dad was tomatoe soup after school on a Friday.
    I loved it. ☺


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